Sensory Impairments


DDA Solution

Tunstall’s DDA solution combines a pager, transmitter, under pillow pad and optional flashing beacon, to provide visually impaired people with additional support and protection by ensuring they are immediately alerted when an alarm is raised.


DDA Vibrating Pager

When a TeleCare sensor is activated, a signal is sent to the DDA transmitter, which alerts the wearer by vibrating an LED.


DDA Pager Charger (including Pillow Alert)

The DDA pager charger is needed to charge the pager. The cradle also links to a vibrating under pillow alert – when the pager is in the cradle, it automatically vibrates when an alarm is raised.


DDA Flashing Beacon

The beacon works with the pager and flashes to indicate when a TeleCare alarm has been raised.


Home Alert Carer/User Alert Page

Enables carers to be notified of alarm calls when they are at home or in the garden, rather than routing them to the response centre. Can also be programmed to vibrate to provide alerts to people who have hearing impairments.


Pillow Alert Solution

Designed to support hearing impaired people, the pillow alert vibrates to provide a smoke alarm alert to a sleeping user.


Sounder Beacon

Available in blue or red, it provides audio and visual confirmation of an alarm call. Provides additional reassurance for hearing impaired people.


Visual Call Beacon

Provides visual confirmation when a sensor or trigger is activated.