Environmental Monitoring


Carbon Monoxide Detector (Wireless)

Warns of dangerous carbon monoxide levels which otherwise could go undetected, providing unrivalled levels of accuracy and reliability.


Flood Detectors

Provides an early warning of flood situations, such as taps being left on.


Nature Gas Detector

Provides an early warning of dangerous levels of gas. Can be linked to the gas shut off valve to automatically cut the gas supply off, if a leak is detected.

Gas Shut Off Valve

When combined with the Natural Gas Detector, this solution automatically cuts off the gas supply to an appliance when a leak is detected.


Smoke Detector (Wireless)

Enhanced with new features, such as auto low battery reporting, only one battery for ease of management, and accreditation to the very latest standard for smoke detectors.


Heat Detector

The wireless heat detector provides additional protection against the risk of fires in rooms where smoke detectors are unsuitable, for example the kitchen.


Temperature Extremes Sensor

Monitors for low and high temperature extremes, in addition to the rate of rise in temperature. Helps minimise the risks associated with changes in temperature, including the build up of heat in a kitchen and the risks associated with sustained periods of cold weather.


X10 Controllers

Can be used with the bed/chair occupancy and property exit sensors to switch on lights when a sensor is activated.