Out of Hours

Out of Hours

Out Of Hours

When something goes wrong outside of normal office hours it can be very distressing for those involved. That's why MCG offers a first-class Out of Hours service to all organisations, from Local Authorities to private businesses. MCG will set up an Out of Hours service that best suits your needs following an in-depth consultation. That usually means taking phone calls or responding to emails on your behalf. Our staff will then take the appropriate action whenever necessary. This includes responding to emergencies, such as plumbing issues or a domestic crises.

Our bespoke service is used by a diverse range of organisations that need to provide support to their clients outside of normal office hours. People who have used the service, including clients of Medway Council, Swale Borough Council and MHS Homes, tell us how reassuring and helpful it was for them to be able to get assistance when they really needed it, rather than having to wait until the organisation was next physically open for business.

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