About us

About Us

Medway Commercial Group (MCG), offers both the public and private sectors affordable technical solutions to their individual challenges. We strive to deliver the highest quality, best value service to all our customers.

MCG has solutions for CCTV, TeleCare and TeleHealth (assistive technologies). They are complemented by Engineering, Out of Hours and Lone Worker services. MCG's services are provided through two subsidiaries; Medway Public Services (MPS) and Medway Commercial Services (MCS).

Our History

MCG (formerly Medway Control Centre), has been operating since 1987. In its early days, it monitored a small number of social alarms for the City of Rochester Council and Gillingham Council. When the two merged into a Unitary Authority in 1998, 20 car park cameras were introduced into our control centre.

As time progressed, it expanded into various ventures, such as growing the CCTV network for Medway, and providing a social care alarm monitoring service and an out of hours emergency call handling service.

Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength. MCG won a major contract for the complete management of the control centre infrastructure for Swale Borough Council, which - along with other contracts we have secured - has increased the number of cameras we are monitoring from 400 in 2009 to over 700 today.

There have been increases in the monitoring provision for MHS Homes, with a further 1,000 TeleCare connections. Ventures with commercial clients and the private care industry are already well underway and have expanded the business further. Relationships have been built with the local primary care trust (PCT) and other healthcare providers to introduce TeleHealth technology. Hospital admissions have decreased as a result of these partnerships.

MCG's Out of Hours service is now offered to external clients. And finally, our Lone Worker solutions have been introduced across a wide range of working environments.

MCG was formed by Medway Council in April 2016 to allow it to continue to grow and further improve the quality of the services it provides

Corporate strategy

  • Provide seamless and remote protection for individuals, local communities and businesses
  • Enable individuals to live independently with the aid of assistive technology
  • Become the ambassadors in providing shared public services